Ichthus Fun Day - 11th March 2007

Jan's Farewell Sunday Party - 29th April 2007

John Sparry - 25th May 2007

Elgar Trip - 7th June 2007

Car Treasure Hunt - 14th July 2007

Sunday School Anniversary - 15th July 2007

Handicraft Group's 25th Anniversary - 9th July 2007

Darlington Wesley Outing - 9th September 2007

Barn Dance - 29th September 2007

The Big Knit and The Big Wrap - 10th November 2007

Samaritan's Purse Appeal - 18th November 2007

Christmas 2007 - December 2007

Word For Today and World Missions - December 2007

Ichthus Fun Day

24th March 2007

On Saturday 24th March, Ichthus held a Fun Day in the Sunday School Hall.  Joy Jeffrey writes :

'Ten children attended and thoroughly enjoyed themselves : they were cooking Easter cakes, making an Easter card-cum-basket complete with chocolates inside, making an Easter mobile, making an Easter garden, making a caterpillar bookmark, and a collage.  We also sang songs - "A Wiggly Waggly Worm", "If I Were A Butterfly", and "I'm Sorry", did some Drama, played with a Parachute, and shared Board Games.  The theme of the whole day, which began at 10:30am, was "Change” – and while the children enjoyed their activities, we discussed the changes bringing about Spring : buds growing into leaves and flowers, eggs changing into baby chicks or birds, caterpillars changing into butterflies, and tadpoles changing into frogs (which they also acted out in the drama). We also discussed the message of Easter as fulfilled through the death and resurrection of Jesus and how he could change our lives.  At the end of the day, Jan led us in a short act of worship for the children and their parents in church, where all the children's work was displayed.  A good day was had by all !'


Jan's Farewell Sunday Party

29th April 2007

Our Minister, Rev Jan Tate, is moving on to pastures new, and after a lovely morning service, we surprised her with a musical party !  A little blrd told us that Jan is a fanatic about "The Sound Of Music" - so the choir turned up in Austrian dress - and more than a few Nun costumes ! - and proceeded to sing all the songs from the musical for Jan, who joined in with gusto and who certainly knew all of the words, and actions, better than all of us !  Afterwards, we presented Jan with a framed photo of herself and all of the congregation, as a memento of her time ministering for Gig Mill Church.

Julie Andrews ?

So Long, Farewell... 









Jan's teddy 

 a farewell gift

Gig Mill 2007 

John Sparry

25th May 2007

The Evening with John Sparry on Friday 25th May was a great success.  Delia Page writes :

'Once again, John filled the hall with his humour and local knowledge.  We all went home with smiles on our faces, trying to remember the jokes !  The sum raised for Church Funds was £255.  Many thanks to all the people who helped in any way, and an extra thanks to YOU for coming !'

Elgar Trip

7th June 2007

On Thursday 7th June, Members and Friends of the Women's Bright Hour had a very enjoyable day trip to the birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar, at Broadheath. Joy Jeffrey writes :

'Just five days after the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Edward Elgar, this happy band of pilgrims enjoyed a lovely day, organised by Brenda, to whom we are greatly indebted.  We gently strolled around the beautiful, historic, black and white timbered buildings of Ledbury first : and then were enthralled and educated at Elgar's Birthplace Museum, where we watched an interesting video on his life and work, and then marvelled at his personal mementos, which were crowded into the very small cottage where he was born. I personally loved Elgar's quirky sense of humour, shown by his many pencil scribblings, drawing top hats, moustaches, glasses etc on newspaper photographs of prominent figures !  On the way back we enjoyed a lovely meal (but no liquor was imbibed – honestly, vicar !) at the Plough pub to end the day.'


Elgar's Birthplace 

in the garden 

Sir Edward Elgar 

a well-earned rest 

The Plough 

Car Treasure Hunt

14th July 2007

I'm sure all of the many teams and drivers who attended Gig Mill's Great Car Treasure Hunt on Saturday 14th July would agree that we all had a Grand Day Out !  Lots were drawn, one by one the teams started out, and off we went on a pleasant summer afternoon, following the directions and keeping our eyes well and truly peeled for the clues : dates, locations, signpost distances, opening times and phone numbers all had to be collected.  The Treasure Trail led through Wollaston, Stourton, past the Ashwood Marina and Ha'penny Green Airport, looping through the beautiful sunny countryside via Enville and Kinver, and back along Bridgnorth Road and High Park Avenue, and back to the start at Gig Mill, where a truly sumptuous Cream Tea awaited us : Scones, Clotted Cream, Jam, Biscuits and Cakes, Strawberries and a nice Methodist cup of Tea.  Only one team got lost (you know who you are !) : and if there had been a prize for the luckiest person that day, it would certainly have gone to a young man lying on the roadside on the way to Enville, being ministered to by paramedics, and whose car had hit a telegraph pole so hard that it had snapped in two… but the winner of the mystical Golden Treasure was Roly !  Well done to him and his team.  And last, but by no means least, our thanks must go to Delia Page and her team of dedicated marshals and caterers, whose hard work made the afternoon such a special event and enjoyable time.  The day's events raised £115 for Church funds as well as providing a Grand Time for all. Thanks to Delia and her helpers for organising the fun !


Sunday School Anniversary

15th July 2007

Gig Mill's Sunday School Anniversary was celebrated on Sunday 15th July, with the young people of the Sunday School showing their talents during the morning service, which was conducted by Geoff and Anne Harrison.  Geoff and Anne led us in worship using their professional array of projector screens, keyboards and featuring an electric guitarist and a puppet -but the real stars of the show were our youngsters, who sang, played musical instruments, recited poetry, and put on a splendid show.  Congratulations to them all, and thank you for making the service so enjoyable.



Handicraft Group's 25th Anniversary

9th July 2007

Peggy Broadhead writes about the Handicraft Group's 25th Anniversary :

'After seeing an exhibition of people's talents at Kingswinford Methodist Church some 26 years ago, it was suggested by two members of Gig Mill that perhaps a group could be formed for handicraft, and so we were born.  Among other things it was the start of the Flower Festivals and an annual Coffee Morning / Evening for the sale of handicrafts, and quite a lot of money has been raised for different charities through the years.  I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in any way during that time, and in particular the members of the Group : without them, there would be no "Monday Nights".  To celebrate our 25th Birthday, sixteen members travelled by mini-bus, on 9th July (a nice summer evening), to the Punch Bowl Inn at Bridgnorth, to enjoy a splendid meal, and good company in pleasant surroundings !'

Darlington Wesley Outing

9th September 2007

'On Sunday 9th September a group of us went with others from New Road, Bright Street, Kinver, Amblecote Wordsley and Kingswinford Churches, to a celebration of the Tercentenary of the birth of Charles Wesley : a service of joyous singing of Charles Wesley hymns at Darlington Street Church, Wolverhampton.  The Church, which is built on the traditional Methodist style - a balcony running all around, the choir above and behind the middle-sited pulpit, and a glorious pipe organ right up at the back - was filled to capacity.  We nearly didn't have a speaker, as he had narrowly missed the train he was supposed to catch in London : he said that when he did arrive late and heard the wonderful singing going on, he thought that he was either in Heaven... or Wales !  There isn't any difference between the two, said Rev Dr, the Lord Griffiths - a Welshman... He was full of amusing stories like this, and certainly preached with passionate conviction, from the heart.  His four short sermons concerned Wesley's "Four Alls" - All Need To Be Saved, All Can Be Saved, All May Know Themselves Saved, and All May Be Saved To the Uttermost - and he skilfully tied these "Four Alls" to Jesus' commandment that we should love God with All of our Souls, All of our Minds, All of our Hearts and All of our Strength.  The people of the Church welcomed us with a cup of tea, sandwiches and cakes - it was like the Feeding of the Five Thousand ! - and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of uplifting singing, fellowship, and heart-warming message : ground-breaking three hundred years ago, and still relevant today.'

Thanks to Joy Jeffrey for this report !

Barn Dance

29th September 2007

The more sprightly members of Gig Mill Church got together for a Barn Dance on Saturday 29th September.  Here is some photographic evidence of them being put through their paces...



The Big Knit and The Big Wrap

10th November 2007

In the early part of this year, a project was begun, called - The BIG KNIT !  Knitters were called for to create individual square feet of knitting, with the ultimate intention of sewing them into blankets for the Salvation Army : but before then, the knitted squares would be sewn together to make the biggest scarf Stourbridge has ever seen, a scarf to reach all the way round our Church !  Over nine months of knitting later, and a steady stream of coloured squares had been amassed by the Handicraft Group, and by industrious and hard working ladies - plus one 95 year old Gentleman !  Rolls and Rolls and Rolls of knitted squares were now finished, and Saturday 10th November saw the grand unveiling : our Special Guest, Tommy Mundon, ably officiated over the unravelling of the Scarf, along with members of the Salvation Army, who will receive the blankets made from it over the New Year.  Delia Page writes :

'I think you all deserve a huge pat on the back for achieving such a fantastic result at our Autumn Fair and The Big Wrap on Saturday 10th November !  Many, many thanks to ALL who helped in ANY way to make this wonderful result possible.  You must all feel enormous satisfaction at this result.  I was so proud, seeing the Scarf wrapped around our Church.  A lot of prayers were said before the day, and said after in thanks.  Somewhere, someone will benefit from all your hard work, snuggling down with your knitting.  The Scarf measured 1,584 feet long (WOW !) and raised £1,256 - and the Autumn fair raised an equally magnificent £1,046.'









Samaritan's Purse Appeal

18 November 2007

'What a wonderful effort made by Gig Mill Church for the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.  We amassed an amazing 98 boxes, which were collected from Church on Tuesday 20th November.  May I thank you, one and all, for your support for this very worthwhile cause. God bless...'

Hazel Baker

Christmas 2007

December 2007

Here are some photographs of Christmas at Gig Mill this year.



Word For Today and World Missions

December 2007

Gwen Sewell writes :

A big "thank you", as in the last twelve months the totals collected were £225 for Word For Today, and £430 for World Missions.  During February, I will be issuing the Word For Today magazine, and calling in the Missionary Boxes - both are doing well.  Thanks for helping this sterling work for the Lord in our country and overseas.'

If anyone would like to participate, please contact Gwen.