David Robb's Ordination - 27th June 2004

Gig Mill's Sunday School Anniversary - 18th July 2004

Send A Cow - Christmas 2004

David Robb's Ordination

27th June 2004

Joy Jeffrey writes :

The Ordination of Rev David Robb took place at the Methodist/Baptist Christchurch, Clarendon Park, Leicester on Sunday 27th June at 6:30pm. A coach load of David's congregations from Gig Mill, Wollaston, Enville Street and New Road went to support him, along with his children and his wife Sue. As well as David, there were six other ministers, one of whom was a lady, being ordained.

The ceremony was performed by the Conference President, Rev Christina Le Moignan, who laid hands on the head of each Ordinand : other Ministers and Lay Preachers taking part were the Conference Vice-President, Mrs Ann P Leck, the Secretary, Rev David G Deeks, the Connexional Team Representative Ms Janet Morley, and the Representative of the World Church, Rev Dr Finau P'Ahio from Tonga. Resplendent in sandals and a Tonganese skirt, Rev Dr P'Ahio read the lesson from Romans 12 (1-18) in Tonganese while we followed the English translation from the Programme. The Address was given by Rev Dr Neil D Richardson, and each Ordinant was presented with their own copy of the Bible.

All the congregation, even up to those in the balcony, received communion, being served in a very dignified and well-organised way. After the service, David's "flock" met him at his hotel for a cup of tea and fellowship, and we formed a guard of honour for him, chanting his name and waving multicoloured pom-poms ! A lovely day was had by all, and we returned to Stourbridge at 11pm.

Ordination Programme

Special Ordination Socks

Officially Qualified

Pom-Pom Reception

Gig Mill's Sunday School Anniversary

18th July 2004

Jonah's whale

Samson's pillars

After the haircut

The Shoes Game

Musical Chairs

The Fish Race

Send A Cow

Christmas 2004

At Christmas, rather than spending a lot of money on individual Christmas cards for each other, the Gig Mill congregation send one card to the whole church, and make a donation to a good cause from the money saved.
This year, Gig Mill's church council have approved donating the proceeds to an imaginative charity called
Send A Cow !

Send A Cow is a Christian organisation which gives direct, practical help to poor farmers in Africa by providing them with livestock such as cows, pigs, goats and poultry as well as training and veterinary advice : supporting the farmers and their families in their efforts to find lasting solutions to the problems of poverty and malnutrition.

Many Christian organisations are supporting Send A Cow's work this year : you may have read in a recent "Express and Star" of Canon Jim Pendorf, a vicar in St Albans and a fundraising expert, whose employers have allowed him to move to a new parish in Ipswich which can make much needed use of his fundraising skills - only on the condition that his new bosses agree to their transfer fee... of two cows ! Send A Cow will transfer the cows to a farmer in Uganda : and Gig Mill hope that we can do our bit too this Christmas.


SEND A COW update !

Our Church raised 285 for Send A Cow, which we found wasn't quite enough to send a whole cow... but we were delighted to find that 285 would buy

a goat, a pig, 24 chickens, 16 turkeys, 1 beehive, 30 fruit tree saplings and 3 weeks training for their new owners !